Container Living/ADU’s

Container Living is a part of a movement that is becoming more prominent in markets across the nation. A movement focused on sustainable living and a simplified lifestyle, to maximize and enhance life experiences.

Environmentally Friendly: We repurpose shipping containers into beautiful and inspiring environments. Our homes and office space leave a smaller environmental footprint than traditional construction, through upcycling steel containers and providing an alternative to timber.

Affordable: We use low cost, refurbished materials, making container living affordable for most. The abundance of available containers and materials makes container living an affordable and accessible solution.

Infill Locations: Our container homes are an efficient housing solution when looking to develop infill locations. The customizable sizes and shapes of container homes can be built on a variety of vacant or underused land, within our developed urban areas, allowing you the ideal location that would otherwise not be possible.

Quick Delivery: Container environments can be built in roughly half the time of a traditional constructed home saving both time and money for the end user.